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    We have made every effort to answer all the most common questions here. We are not a personalized rental service or real estate agent, and cannot offer you specific assistance on locating an apartment other than the general information provided here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How difficult is it to find an apartment in the Bay Area?

    The Bay Area remains a difficult place in which to find an affordable rental. Rental Guide has been serving Bay Area renters for over 20 years. For more information on the rental market in San Francisco click here.

    How do you differ from other rental services? offers you over 20 years of experience working with renters and landlords throughout the Bay Area. We offer a diverse inventory of properties, and maintain a database of over 10,000 landlord and property managers. offers renters access to our magazine listings in advance of publication.


    How do I search for a rental? What if my search comes up with no results?

    Start with the Quick Search feature, enter your desired rent price range, minimum # of bedrooms and area. Our database will return matching rentals.

    The more criteria you search by, the more specific and qualified the results will be. The fewer you search by the more results you'll receive with a wider variety of features, locations, prices, etc.

    Your search criteria might be too specific, try changing your target rent, area or number of bedrooms. For example, try searching for a studio instead of a one bedroom.

    To search by more specific rental needs use our detailed search. Enter street name and / or number or the property name if you are looking for a specific property as well as other options such as pets or parking.

    I found an apartment, how do I contact the landlord?

    Use our "contact this property" feature on the listing detail page to email a property directly for more information.

    Remember when you see a listing that interests you - run, don't walk! Contact a landlord by email, by phone, by fax or stop by in person (come prepared with a completed rental application, your credit report and your checkbook).

    How often do you update your listings?

    Listings are updated 24/7 in real time (barring technical difficulties or equipment outages).

    How do I find the most current listings?

    Sort your search results by "updated date" to see the most recently updated listings.

    Do you offer help finding rentals?

    We are not a personalized rental service agency and have made every effort to answer all the most common questions here and elsewhere on this site.

    We are not real estate agents and do not represent ourselves as such. We cannot offer you specific assistance on locating an apartment other than the general information provided here.

    If you don't see what you're looking for we don't have it at this time, but check back daily. Please do not contact our office for additional listings.

    For Technical Support please click here. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9am to 5:30pm, Pacific time. We will make every effort to respond to your questions in a timely manner. For other issues or concerns please contact us at (415) 929-7777. has been tested for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. We try to support as many browsers and platforms as possible, however in the event of a technical problem please report in as much detail as possible your specific question. Include the platform you are using (PC or Mac?), the operating system (Mac OS, Windows Version, Vista, etc.) and the browser and system version you are using.


    How do I list my rental?

    Listings are taken online (click to post a listing), over the phone (415) 929-7777 or by fax (415) 929-7778.

    Please refer the the advertising information section for detailed information about our services for landlords.

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