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    Airport Phone Numbers

    San Francisco International Airport (SFO) (650) 761-0800

    Oakland International Airport (OAK) (510) 577-4000

    San Jose International Airport (SJC) (408) 501-7600

    Parking in San Francisco

    How to Apply for Parking Permits

    Residential/Contractors Permit Parking
    11 South Van Ness Avenue, 94103
    General Parking Information Recorded Message (415) 701-4686

    Due to limited parking space in many neighborhoods of San Francisco, the City restricts extended parking to residents. This is enforced by issuing residential parking permits (for a fee). Without a permit, street parking is restricted to two hours and heavily enforced.

    The following information is provided by the City regarding Residential/Contractors Permit Parking:

    Each parking permits are valid for one year from the date issued. Permits may be renewed annually upon reapplication, provided, however, that parking permits shall not be renewed for vehicles for which any notice of violation of parking rules and restrictions is outstanding and unpaid.

    Each application or reapplication for a parking permit must contain information sufficient to identify the applicant, his/her residence address or address of real property owned or leased within a residential permit parking area, and the license number of the motor vehicle for which application is made, and such other information as may be deemed relevant by the Director of Parking and Traffic. Applicants should bring a copy of a valid California Vehicle Registration and proof of residency (utility bill, current rental agreement, vehicle insurance policy, bank statement or preprinted check).

    The initial fee for the issuance of a new permit is $60 (for each permit) if purchased in the first six months of the permit year or $30 if purchased in the last six months of the permit year.

    Rental Cars & Visitors
    The fee for a rental car permit shall be $20/2 weeks, $30/4 weeks, $40/6 weeks or $50/8 weeks.

    Moving to a New District
    There is a $3.00 transfer charge for those applicants with permits in one residential parking permit area who move to another residential parking permit area and apply for a permit in the new area of residence. In such cases the new permit shall expire at the time designated for the new zone.

    More Parking Information

    Avoid Tow-Away Zones & Street Cleaning
    If you park in a tow-away zone expect to be towed! Certain streets have designated tow-away zones during commute hours (7am-9am and 3pm-6pm). There is a fee of $188.25 in addition to the parking fine and daily storage fees. To claim a towed vehicle report to San Francisco Auto Return, located in the Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant Street, room 145. For information call 865-8200. Be aware of street cleaning signs when parking.

    Curb Your Wheels
    When parking on an incline, it is a law that you turn your car wheels so they rest on the curb at the angle that would prevent a runaway vehicle. Uphill, turn your wheels out facing the street; downhill, turn your wheels into the curb. Always set your parking brake. Tickest are issued for vehicles failing to comply with curbing requirements.

    Road Information

    AAA - (415) 565-2012

    Department of Motor Vehicles - (415) 557-1179

    California Highway Patrol Highway Conditions - (415) 557-3755

    San Francisco Bay Ferry Service

    Ferry Service is available for commuters and visitors throughout the Bay Area

    Larkspur Landing (Marin County)

    Golden Gate Larkspur Ferry - SF Ferry Building.
    For fare schedules and fare rates call: (415) 923-2000

    Oakland / Alameda (East Bay)

    Alameda/Oakland Ferry - Service from Oakland and Alameda.
    For fare schedules and fare rates call: (510) 522-3300

    Sausalito (Marin County)

    Blue & Gold Fleet - Pier 41, Fisherman's Wharf.
    For schedules and fare rates call: (415) 773-1188

    Golden Gate Sausalito Ferry - SF Ferry Building.
    For schedules and fare rates call: (415) 923-2000

    Tiburon (Marin County)

    Blue & Gold Fleet - Pier 41, Fisherman's Wharf.
    For schedules and fare rates call: (415) 773-1188

    Vallejo (Solano County)

    Vallejo Baylink Ferry - Travel between Vallejo and San Francisco is easy and comfortable when taking the new high speed ferries. The trip between Vallejo and San Francisco takes just less than one hour. Weekday ferry service from Vallejo starts at 6:00am to Pier 1 at the Embarcadero. For additional information on schedules and fares call:
    (707) 64-FERRY or (415) 705-5444


    BART - S.F. (415) 992-BART
    BART - East Bay (510) 465-BART

    Caltrain (415) 660-4287

    Bus Lines

    AC Transit (510) 817-1717

    Golden Gate Transit (415) 923-2000

    MUNI (415) 673-6864

    SamTrans (800) 660-4287

    Santa Clara Valley Trans. (408) 321-2300

    General Information

    Dept. of Motor Vehicles (415) 557-1179

    General Parking S.F. (415) 554-7275

    Residential Parking Permits (415) 554-5000

    Bicycle Information (415) 554-2351

    Bicycle Commuter Hotline (415) 585-2453

    FasTrak (877) 229-8655